MRW: Working on the Weekend

Written by on 20.04.2014 | Teaching

When I need to go in on the weekend to plan content to be taught for the first time: When I deliberate my schedule carefully to figure out what should be done in a certain order: When I  have teaching materials planned but discover I have a four day weekend soon: When I realize I […]

MtG: Share the Wealth

Written by on 19.04.2014 | Magic: The Gathering

One of the reasons I got into Magic (again) was getting a random windfall of cards from a reader of the blog who sent on boxes of older cards to me out of kindness. That was  awesome. A giant box of old cards looking for a home. Starting with those old cards, I used the […]

Progress being made

Written by on 17.04.2014 | Teaching

Because I am on a break from planning or teaching early morning classes, my schedule has changed to a significantly lighter load. I spent this afternoon not scrambling to plan or catch up on my materials, but making progress writing and formalizing my ideas for my Master’s degree paper. This isn’t to say I didn’t […]

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Written by on 16.04.2014 | Video Games

Lego Marvel Super Heroes went on sale today. This was a title I was wavering on purchasing when it was a full price title going on sale during the last Steam Sale, but today when it went for 75% off I tracked down a method to pay for it and snapped it up immediately. I’ve […]