Why so quiet?

Written by on 23.01.2015 | Master's Degree

My wife commented, “You used to enjoy writing your blog, but you don’t seem so active on it anymore. What’s going on?” This is a very astute observation. I haven’t had time to write this blog because I’ve been working on my paper, which has drained all interest I’ve had in sitting in front of […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation in 40 Hours

Written by on 14.01.2015 | TV

I ran into a post on Reddit about watching the best of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 40 hours.  Having last watched this show when it was on the air during the original run, I remember there being a lot of episodes that I liked, but a lot of filler I couldn’t sit through […]

A lost race turned towards a profit…?

Written by on 08.01.2015 | Korean life, Magic: The Gathering

I had an unhealthy obsession with the game “Race for the Galaxy” a few years ago. It’s an extremely deep game I really enjoy playing, but the steep curve when learning means that you need people willing to put time towards learning it before you can have fun. When I found a Korean version of […]

Paper progress

Written by on 03.01.2015 | Master's Degree

My work on my paper continues, and it is a slow march again. I’ve started writing on a second topic, retaining my previous research but applying it in an entirely different way. This requires me to do new reading, a new literature review, and rework the focus of my essay entirely. It has not been […]