The last second

Written by on 27.08.2015 | Korean life

Our office got a major reshuffling this upcoming semester, with two people leaving the office at once, and no one being rehired to replace them until the end of the year. One person left to pursue other work in Korea on their own terms, while another went to a different university at the last possible […]

Carcassone, a winning experience.

Written by on 20.08.2015 | Board Games

My wife and I have been trying to entertain our children for weeks while my daughter is out of school. We’ve been trying to keep the kids busy without just putting them in front of a screen all day. Bored children make staying at home more work than fun, so when I had the opportunity […]

Upgrades to 10

Written by on 09.08.2015 | Korean life, Teaching

The office machines have progressively gotten less manageable as they’ve stopped receiving support from Microsoft. It wasn’t as bad as when the director made an effort to prevent hardware upgrades for over 4-5 years, but it was approaching a critical point. It would take 20+ minutes to be able to launch a word processor and […]

What’s in a label?

Written by on 16.07.2015 | Master's Degree, Teaching

At the beginning of the summer, I was concerned about being a little out of my depth when it came to planning classes for the session. I was given the highest level for the entire institute, and was taking over a class that had been taught non-stop by someone for years consecutively. There was a […]