I’ve been busy for the past few weeks, and I’ve been reexamining how I want to spend my time when I am not working. A few days ago I submitted my final version of my dissertation. It weighed in at a trim 102 pages with appendix materials but no supplemental data. If I had to […]

Painting over budgets

Written by on 15.02.2015 | Teaching

The contracts my coworkers and I sign are staggered over two periods, one for each academic session. The recently negotiated contracts for the spring semester just got approval, and there was talk in the office over the housing stipend clause being updated for the first time in the entire time I’ve worked there. It’s not […]

Good message, from the Stars.

Written by on 05.02.2015 | Meme

  Forever Star Wars

The daily grind

Written by on 31.01.2015 | Master's Degree

Despite technically being on vacation, I’ve been to work every day this week to work in my paper. It’s grown into a long, technically challenging, and very difficult to organize investigation. I started by writing about how motivation would be affected by students being asked to take tests. Now it is a study of the […]