What’s in a label?

Written by on 16.07.2015 | Master's Degree, Teaching

At the beginning of the summer, I was concerned about being a little out of my depth when it came to planning classes for the session. I was given the highest level for the entire institute, and was taking over a class that had been taught non-stop by someone for years consecutively. There was a […]

Who are you?

Written by on 24.06.2015 | Teaching

Each semester my coworkers and I will encounter challenges throughout the semester that we can share stories about, and those stories can inform how we act in future semesters. When I first began working at the university, I saw a student bring cookies, and later their mother, to beg for a passing grade. When my […]

Welcome to last year

Written by on 05.06.2015 | Korean life

Over the course of three camps last summer, which I cut my vacation home short to teach, I developed a program with a coworker to teach Russian students that were visiting Korea. The program that brought the students to our university classroom was something developed with tourism in mind, and the educational aspects of the […]

Strangely Topical: More Knife Party?

Written by on 03.06.2015 | Meme