Popped Up and Annoyed

Written by on 13.04.2016 | Korean life

One of the most frustrating things about working in a setting that is demanding and requires a high output of new materials is that while other people may not actively be trying to interfere with you, they may be getting in your way more than they realize which requires you to work twice as hard. […]

Semi-New Semester Woes

Written by on 03.04.2016 | Teaching

My schedule is heavily dependent on preparing new content for classes that I’ll use once, which are the most difficult classes to teach. I’ve been lobbying to get some prepared materials added to my course by getting the university to pay for renewable content subscriptions. The rest of the office is switching books and beginning […]

Shameful money

Written by on 27.02.2016 | Teaching

For the past few months I’ve been teaching a high level class of students. They are either teachers or professors themselves, and have studied together for years. Getting new topics to discuss for this single class took more time than all my other preparation for all other classes combined. This class is a massive time […]

Classes, in a nutshell

Written by on 02.02.2016 | Teaching

I’ve been teaching intensive Government camps for employees planning to go abroad for the past month. I’ve been put in charge of the classes related to teaching note taking materials and popular practical media, which I was never interested in teaching. Note taking required some research into lecture discourse, the principles of study, and the […]