Money for…time and electricity?

Written by on 14.09.2014 | Video Games

I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 since a coworker started installing it on the computers in the office. This has been a drain on my free time. I really shouldn’t get involved in something as brain dead as an FPS while the semester is in session, but I’ve been carrying a lot of pent up […]

Time Changes

Written by on 13.09.2014 | Teaching

One of the more ridiculous bits of scheduling recently has been the tendency to start the University semester a week before the Korean Thanksgiving holiday. With the length of the Korean Thanksgiving this semester, I’ve seen my classes one fewer time than normal. This is a a quirk of my schedule, some of my coworkers […]

First Day observations

Written by on 11.09.2014 | Teaching

One of the problems I face in my classroom is that the conversational and friendly tone I take with my students is very unusual for the majority of my students. I take the first class explaining the class and telling my students the rules, but after that I try to make sure my students are […]


Written by on 10.09.2014 | Korean life

The school has implemented a security policy to lock unused classrooms. The old system used to be a tiny old man with an enormous key chain that would sleep in the building and let you in if your classroom was locked. That person was responsible for keeping rooms not in use locked, and for making […]