Put a fork in it

Written by on 15.12.2014 | Master's Degree, Teaching

Another semester done! ((Runs around the office, raises hands like Rocky Balboa)) I stayed late on Friday afternoon to wrap up the last few bits of grading I needed to do for the semester. I got a message this morning stating that the grading system was accepting grades, which was a full two days earlier […]

The great sort

Written by on 14.12.2014 | Magic: The Gathering

One of my friends I play Magic: The Gathering with is a judge. This means that when he participates in tournaments or goes to seminars about a game, he is eligible for special perks. These used to include extremely high priced Korean judge foils, which in lieu of actual cash for participation, are really nice, […]

Project M for Awesome

Written by on 07.12.2014 | Video Games

I was scrolling through Twitch waiting for some Magic the Gathering tournaments to begin live, and my daughter saw the logo for Super Smash Brothers. While we have the Wii set up in the house, we use it for Netflix, not for gaming. The only thing that sits in my Wii tray is Smash Brothers […]

Final Stretch

Written by on 04.12.2014 | Korean life, Master's Degree, Teaching

The first group of students to complete their large project finished regular classes today. They need to attend a single session for an interview to complete the course. I can start calculating nearly everything but their final grades over the weekend before I see them, and I’ll have a very good idea who is passing […]