Who are you?

Written by on 24.06.2015 | Teaching

Each semester my coworkers and I will encounter challenges throughout the semester that we can share stories about, and those stories can inform how we act in future semesters. When I first began working at the university, I saw a student bring cookies, and later their mother, to beg for a passing grade. When my […]

Welcome to last year

Written by on 05.06.2015 | Korean life

Over the course of three camps last summer, which I cut my vacation home short to teach, I developed a program with a coworker to teach Russian students that were visiting Korea. The program that brought the students to our university classroom was something developed with tourism in mind, and the educational aspects of the […]

Strangely Topical: More Knife Party?

Written by on 03.06.2015 | Meme

Knife party

Written by on 21.05.2015 | Korean life

In a scene that can only arise when students are given control over the content they want to teach in class, there was utterly wonderful chaos in my credited classes today. My students are teaching one another their hobbies, which means an eclectic mix of activities taking place across the classroom. The most exciting and […]

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