Brain goo

Written by on 22.07.2014 | Korean life

I have been given late night classes for government officers, and it has thrown off my schedule somewhat. It’s only one class, and it is only once a week, but I’ve been groggy after eating late on Sunday night (pork hangover!). As such, Monday was spent in a stupor as I kept my energy level […]

MtG: EDH Meetup

Written by on 21.07.2014 | Korean life, Magic: The Gathering

Several of my friends scheduled an EDH game in the area near the University where I work. I haven’t been able to play EDH much because of my vacation (#Firstworldproblem), and I wanted to hang out with some new players too. I got there a little late, but I participated in four or five rounds […]

The gift of enjoyment

Written by on 19.07.2014 | movies

My childhood was full of geeky moments, but one of the most momentous was when I was given permission to stay up and tape Star Wars off of network television with our new VCR. I was the only one that new how to operate it, and I wanted to watch Star Wars repeatedly. I can […]

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Written by on 18.07.2014 | Master's Degree, movies

I sat down early this morning and listened to the rain. It was a perfect time to get back to studying. I’m currently working on a Module with readings related to Second Language Acquisition (SLA), which is highly relevant to my field of work. It is extremely interesting, as an expat who has a multilingual […]