Success, the planning paid off.

Written by on 05.11.2015 | Teaching

I’ve taken to using only new materials with my daily class of experienced conversationalists. This requires me to find the materials and select the presentation methods, but it’s gone over well so far. We’ve had rousing student led conversations about the first few topics I selected for the class, and there is a week’s worth […]

The set up

Written by on 02.11.2015 | Teaching

I’ve been working on my newest session of materials for my classes the entire hiatus from summer session until fall. I was able to use the two months to prepare my next session of high level materials in a handout based media class. My students in the summer session returned, and were happy to see […]

Magic: Drive to Work Podcast/ Critical Curriculum Design Concepts

I’ve been a subscriber to the Maro “Drive to Work” podcast ever since I started designing my cube using my collection of Magic: The Gathering cards. Mark Rosewater is a game designer with tons of experience and expertise in making a product that has been fundamentally changing for its entire existence. The only way to […]

All I know is that I don’t know a damn thing.

Written by on 12.10.2015 | Korean life, Master's Degree

I was reviewing some common transitive phrasal verb patterns used in spoken English with my University students today. We went through the different patterns and I made sure the students could switch between the different patterns and could properly identify the proper verb and particles for the language highlighted in the book. This is just […]