Never called out

Written by on 02.10.2015 | Teaching

I’ve been preparing my students for their first group public speaking assignment by explaining how to deliver a successful speech in class. I’ve been witness to plenty of great group presentations, and I wanted to share with my students the need to spend time preparing for a major part of their grade. This will be […]

Knock it out.

Written by on 20.09.2015 | Teaching

One of the ongoing changes to who is available to teach certain students has left me responsible for the highest level materials next academic session. I taught the same level last academic session, but got a reprieve from their intensive demands because of a weird scheduling choice that has me back to the lowest level […]

No Heads Up

Written by on 14.09.2015 | Teaching

One of the frustrating things about working at a Korean university is the lack of communication between the departments that control the decisions and those that are affected by the decision. Because of poor communication, two classes got disrupted and cancelled. These students will now bother other classes as a result as they try to […]


Written by on 07.09.2015 | Korean life, Teaching, Tech

This semester a campus wide policy was implemented that required us to sign into our office computers with personal identification to access the Internet. We had to provide our log in information in addition to our physical location, name, and other contact information. The campus networking administration could not only know who I was, but […]