Knife party

Written by on 21.05.2015 | Korean life

In a scene that can only arise when students are given control over the content they want to teach in class, there was utterly wonderful chaos in my credited classes today. My students are teaching one another their hobbies, which means an eclectic mix of activities taking place across the classroom. The most exciting and […]

A Cinch, or Cinched?

Written by on 14.05.2015 | Korean life, Teaching

The semester for my credit classes has reached the penultimate project that shows me who has made an effort to improve their English presentation skills. The presentations my students do in class take a huge amount of effort, and are the biggest grades in the class. The projects also lead to and provide content for […]

New set of class changes

Written by on 07.05.2015 | Korean life

My class schedule got shuffled recently. I had agreed to take over for a coworker who had been teaching night classes. This agreement was reached because of the vacation schedule and previous commitments based on times of classes throughout the semester. My intention was to add one evening of class, but the program was expanded […]

Of the Powered Point

Written by on 26.04.2015 | Master's Degree, Teaching

I’ve been struggling since my dissertation to refocus on my work and blog, as evidenced by my less frequent updates. I have been able to spend much more time with my children and friends, which has allowed me to gain perspective about what matters to me. Because of my changing schedule, I’ll be added new […]