What’s up?

Written by on 29.10.2014 | Korean life, Master's Degree

I’ve been steadily making progress on the multiple surveys, projects, and required bits of reading I need to accomplish for my education and work throughout the week.  I’ve been trying to push forward into my data collection phase of my dissertation with cautious optimism. It seems daunting and overwhelming, but my coworkers have started answering […]

Study study

Written by on 23.10.2014 | Korean life

My current research has begun to crystallize around a central tenant of how the motivation of students learning foreign/second languages changes over time. I have found a series of studies and have done months of reading that confirm a lot of my suspicions about the topic, but devising a study protocol and a survey for […]

So far away…or not

Written by on 19.10.2014 | Master's Degree, Teaching

One of the priorities I’ve had to balance is the frequency that I blog now that I am working on my dissertation, balancing a full time teaching job, and planning classes in addition to being a parent. If my frequency of blogging slips a little bit, my insane schedule at the moment is likely preventing […]

So much

Written by on 15.10.2014 | Korean life

I’ve tried my best to organize material and present what I can to students in the most helpful manner possible this semester. I’ve added power point presentations, made my notes available, in addition to adding more study guides and materials to help students get ready for tests. While I haven’t gotten started grading yet, the […]