Classes, in a nutshell

Written by on 02.02.2016 | Teaching

I’ve been teaching intensive Government camps for employees planning to go abroad for the past month. I’ve been put in charge of the classes related to teaching note taking materials and popular practical media, which I was never interested in teaching. Note taking required some research into lecture discourse, the principles of study, and the […]

2015 New Podcast Update

Written by on 08.01.2016 | Podcasts

With over thirty five podcasts that frequent my queue, what new shows have I been listening to in the past year that frequently hold my attention during their entire time? I’ve omitted shows I’ve listened to for over a year, these are just the shows I’m following that were new to me for 2015. Educational […]


Written by on 28.12.2015 | Korean life

The original reason I got a Gamecube (more accurately a Panasonic Q) was because I wanted to play Super Smash Brothers when I was in Korea. I was nostalgic for Nintendo properties, wanted to prove my “gamer cred”, and I also wanted a party game as an excuse for people to visit my apartment. It […]

Eat your Evergreens

Written by on 20.12.2015 | Korean life

Whenever I am suggested for a new class, the first thing I do before I set a syllabus in advance (I always plan well in advance) is see what I can recycle. When I got assigned a class with an time frame of “forever” with the highest level returning students for the foreseeable future, I […]