Go go different gender groups!

Written by on 01.10.2014 | Korean life

I assigned students work over their long weekend. Now that I give homework for projects over breaks, my students can make their own groups to complete the tasks however they would like. They’ll have to present materials in the class next week, and I’ll be able to count this time spent outside of class as […]

I’m on G2

Written by on 30.09.2014 | Android, Tech

I got a call from my wife at the phone store. She wanted to know the benefits of specific models of different phones that were being recommended to her from the man at the shop. I had to look up the differences at shops, write down information, and make sure she was able to understand […]

A finely tuned environment wrecked.

Written by on 29.09.2014 | Teaching

Up until the final minutes before my first class, I was tweaking and working on my presentation materials. I  needed to sync two classes with two differing holidays, cover enough materials to recycle my examination from last semester, while sequencing my power point slides and making sure I could get everything finished. This is always […]

How to drive a man insane: Hitchhiker 11

Written by on 28.09.2014 | Meme

This is strangely compelling, and I don’t need to qualify that with “for Korean music”. It’s a genuinely weird video too.