Television for English Purposes

Written by on 21.09.2014 | TV

Since my children have returned from the United States, they’ve been exposed to much less English in their environment. One of the things to do at my parent’s place is enjoy the luxury of having a DVR full of child friendly English shows. I hadn’t really thought about how little English they heard on television […]

Incidental Collaborator

Written by on 20.09.2014 | Korean life, Teaching

One of the points I stress during my syllabus is that people should make an effort to talk to as many different people as they can during group projects and other activities so they can meet lots of people. That way groups are friendly and there is a social investment about progress with other students […]

You did what to my schedule, why?

Written by on 18.09.2014 | Korean life

I’ve been through the wringer when it comes to scheduling in the past, but I’ve experienced a new level of “WTF” today. I’ve volunteered to teach a class for Government officers for the University over the summer session, largely unpaid, because I wanted to set a precedent that  I worked before my dissertation. That way […]

An office lunch

Written by on 16.09.2014 | Korean life, Teaching

In an utter rarity at the university, our head teacher was able to turn an “attendance optional” meeting into an actual meal on the office’s dime. Woo! Free food! I’m glad we average office meetings once every two years too. It does take up a lot of time, and my government officers seemingly deal with […]