Do you want to build an activity?

Written by on 15.04.2014 | Teaching

I was facing my last day of class with students in the Institute for a few weeks today. I had burned through all the book related materials I had in my “developed enough to use for a lesson” pile. The best part about keeping an up to date archive of all the materials you’ve taught […]

Hope it helps

Written by on 14.04.2014 | Teaching

The only student that bothered to come into the office today to seek help for the mid-term tomorrow happened to be the North Korean student I teach. She was seeking clarification on a few of the sections for the workbook she had purchased on my behest for supplemental instruction. A few weeks earlier I had […]

Oh, this again

Written by on 13.04.2014 | Korean life

The students in our Institute pay for a set number of classes, and they receive that many hours of instruction, each weekday barring holidays, until the session ends. Since the second session is meant to draw newly enrolled University students into the program during their academic year, it ends near the mid-term break, and restarts […]

Fair trade

Written by on 12.04.2014 | Korean life

I had a light schedule on Friday due to the scheduling of projects, so I went out Thursday night to see the movie. Some of my coworkers were biting their lip about spoilers, as they had already watched it and wanted to know if I was interested in knowing the changes it made to the […]