Duds before bombs

Written by on 24.04.2014 | Teaching

One of my classes has been difficult for me simply because I don’t seem to have any rapport with them. This class has the most skewed gender ratio of any class I’ve taught in years. One enrolled female student, 23 men. I greatly prefer classes with a 50%/50% ratio, although there is some debate in […]

Food cravings; Mind BLOWN

Written by on 23.04.2014 | Korean life

It can be a long, slow slog to see progress in Korea if you have food sensibilities that do not match the Korean main stream. The most difficult time in my transition from a corn-fed American mid-westerner to a diverse diet expat was when a choice I used to have disappeared. I realized the choices […]

Endless fonts of surprise

Written by on 22.04.2014 | Teaching

My students needed to turn in their proposals for a month long project they’ve been assigned to get feedback and approval from me. I spend an entire day giving the students rules and showing them examples of how to plan and organize, then I wait for a week to hear their ideas. The most important […]

Who depicted it better?

Written by on 21.04.2014 | Korean life, Parenting

Who depicted this weird glowing whale thing better? My daughter’s art project or the art for Mull drifter?