Batman vs. Darth Vader

Written by on 26.11.2014 | Meme, website

It’s like someone filmed my childhood dreams. This is an incredibly awesome concept.

Good old times and drinks with friends

Written by on 22.11.2014 | Korean life

One of my buddies I met living in Korea nearly a decade ago came to visit his friends in Daejeon. It’s odd, but this is a group of guys I’ve known for the longest time in Korea, and we all happened to be together again for the first time in ages. We’ve traveled around the […]


Written by on 19.11.2014 | Korean life

I’ve been hitting my head against the statistical wall so to speak, as I’ve collected the majority of surveys from suitable test subjects for my dissertation. I was struggling to interpret my data as a whole, but it turns out it was because I was trying to keep all my questions included in my future […]

Not so fast there

Written by on 14.11.2014 | Teaching

My students have begun to present their materials to one another in English for their major project in class. There is always a week of nervous anticipation across the classes as the project begins as students look to see how well their classmates take to their lessons. I always enjoy learning new things from students. […]