A reformulation

Written by on 19.08.2014 | Korean life

My current paper for my Master’s degree has been eating up the majority of my free time. Not only has it required a substantial amount of reading where I am learning about motivational research, which directly impacts my classroom teaching methods and approaches, but it also eats up my time as I write and revise […]


Written by on 18.08.2014 | Korean life, Teaching

My lesson with my Government officers is today is about prior experiences and the present perfect tense. This is a very common problem with students. I had to help a student who was preparing for an examination in one of these classes, and the majority of the errors made were about distinguishing the difference between […]

MtG: Cubetastic

Written by on 18.08.2014 | Korean life, Magic: The Gathering

I’ve had a long week of gaming, work, and even more gaming. I knew that this week was going to be spent working on my paper and not much else. I decided that I’d dedicate Sunday to “The Cube“. I’ve been working and testing it, improving the mana base with high end digital proxies provided […]


Written by on 17.08.2014 | Master's Degree

I’ve been forced to reexamine what I had been writing for my current paper because I was having a hard time integrating the disparate ideas presented in the literature. As usually, when I thought I understood something, I was actually about half a written paper into the process before I realized I needed to start […]