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The terms crushing and bombing are used colloquially by North American comedians to rate their success in front of audiences. “I’m crushing tonight” is a term of positive appraisal about a outcome of success, while “I am bombing tonight” indicates a poor performance. Often, when producing content for the classroom, your reactions, answers, and interactions […]

Stage setting

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Of all the really productive days I’ve spent at work that were fundamentally important to me as I planned for a major project, I distinctly recall the following details about how they were similar: I started the day anxious about a particular project or goal. I went into the office on the weekend specifically to […]

Motivational Realization

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Motivation theory in the second language acquisition context for my Master’s degree. There is a lot of “slap on forehead” obvious stuff that I “knew” without being able to formally attribute to a motivational framework or explain on a psychological level simply through experience of working with […]


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The “budget” set aside for my camps next week need approval by someone in the office that coordinates things with the university. That’s acceptable, because this is the first time I’ve ever been given a budget. In previous camps, I had to tell people at the camp to purchase things. They worked out the details […]