Good old times and drinks with friends

Written by on 22.11.2014 | Korean life

One of my buddies I met living in Korea nearly a decade ago came to visit his friends in Daejeon. It’s odd, but this is a group of guys I’ve known for the longest time in Korea, and we all happened to be together again for the first time in ages. We’ve traveled around the […]


Written by on 19.11.2014 | Korean life

I’ve been hitting my head against the statistical wall so to speak, as I’ve collected the majority of surveys from suitable test subjects for my dissertation. I was struggling to interpret my data as a whole, but it turns out it was because I was trying to keep all my questions included in my future […]

Not so fast there

Written by on 14.11.2014 | Teaching

My students have begun to present their materials to one another in English for their major project in class. There is always a week of nervous anticipation across the classes as the project begins as students look to see how well their classmates take to their lessons. I always enjoy learning new things from students. […]


Written by on 10.11.2014 | Magic: The Gathering

Over the weekend, after I totally fried my brain on my paper, I sent out a call for people who wanted to play Magic the Gathering and my Cube. It turns out there were games going on that afternoon that were arranged outside of the main thread I follow on Kakaotalk, and they allowed me […]