Trying my best to keep myself busy during my weekend. This morning, I worked on a short story I hope to finish sometime this week for BLITEOTW. It’s a departure from straight blogging for me and has been getting some peer review to help me improve it. It’s the longest thing I’ve written for a long while, even compared to some of the more massive travel logs I was posting last month.

I’ve been doing background research, scoping out Google Earth for accuracy, and doing some actual “plotting” of the story for once. It’s all new and exciting, but extremely time intensive and has been keeping me writing even when I’m not blogging. It’s so intensely niche, yet still rewarding.

As inspiration for my writing project, I’ve been checking out some Cory Doctorow podcasts. “When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth” was particularly good to give a listen as I walked the dog. My wife had gone downtown to work on her hobby. She’s making fantastic crystal and bead jewelry taught in a small shop in the underground shopping district. It’s intensive detail work that gets her out of the house for hours of the time. We agreed to meet later in the afternoon and eat dinner downtown, as I loaded up with more podcasts.

I took the subway as I listened to “Anda’s Game“. As I was walking around the technomalls looking at the new designs of phones now for sale, I felt a tap at my shoulder. I was shocked to see my brother in law. He had been visiting a friend’s phone shop as he waited for a train to take him to Daegu. I just happened by the shop at the right time for him to jump out and surprise me. I wasn’t aware of anything going on outside of my earphones at the time and he grabbed my shoulder, scaring me. We chatted for a while and he ran off to catch his train.

My wife was still working on a pendant when I arrived. She had to redo part of her design because she had made a mistake that was cascading across all the later beads. It’s a meticulous sort of hobby she’s taken up that would drive me crazy. She had been putting beads on string for hours at that point and had to restart almost from the beginning. She urged me to wait for her as she restarted her pendant. I took a walk, grabbed a snack, and went back to listening to my podcasts.

I got through several sections of “I, Row-boat” which is probably one of the best titles for a Science fiction short story ever. I was hanging around the store outside because the store’s lights give me a headache. I lounged by a fountain outside and was nearly asleep when my mother in law came up and grabbed my shoulder. I jumped again. What is with my in-laws and scaring me to death when I’m not on watch for them?

My mother in law had come to meet us, check out the bead shop, and also take us to dinner. She had a car, so she was going to drive us home as well. We all met up with another friend and went for some delicious samgaetang (Chicken on the bone soup with rice, ginseng, jujubes, and ginko) at a famous local place.

It was PACKED. For a nondescript out of the way building, they had two stories full of people sucking down chicken soup. Once the meal arrived it was easy to see why. The servings were huge, perfectly seasoned, cheap, and simply fantastic to devour on a hot summer day.

After the meal, we were driven home. We got some 매실 (maesil) for making my favorite homemade Korean plum juice in a nice, large kimchi pot already mixed and ready to go. We’ll have a week or so more of fermentation and stirring to do while the sugar sucks the flavor out of the fruits, but once it’s finished I’ll have delicious juice for a long time. I can’t wait.