I always knew that Korean parents were dedicated to having their children learn English at any cost, but it wasn’t until [tag]Zombies[/tag] struck that the idea was proved to me without a doubt. Today is the end of the world, and yet I’ve spent my day teaching like any other day. Well, perhaps it wasn’t just like any other day, with the barricades, the explosions, and everything else, but it’s pretty close. I’ll run it down for those of you still alive with Internet access not fighting the Zombie hoard yet…

Working at private academies would be the death of me. I just never knew it would be the death of so many others all around me. I’m blogging like it’s the end of the world…because it is….

Read the rest here, via download, as my first fictional short story (19 pages) based on my website.

Check in with other survivors at my elves are different.

If there is anyone left alive, that is….