A Man of Wisdom


There is a new thick bacon for sale at Emart Traders. Per gram, it’s possibly the most delicious thing I’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I picked it up as a replacement for the thinly sliced stuff that we had been purchasing until now. Initially, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to work this much thick bacon into several meals before it went bad, since we don’t eat samgyeopsal at home all that often. If I need to freeze bacon and thaw it throughout the month like I usually do, the individually wrapped packages would be a better purchase for a discrete number of meals. I usually have pork once every few weeks with my coworkers at a restaurant we’ve been visiting for the past year, so it’s not like I crave it that often. If I eat something too regularly, I’ll tire of it.

The question of, “Would there be enough meals with bacon to justify this purchase?” has been thoroughly answered. I’ve eaten it every day for breakfast when I have the time to prepare it (I always make breakfast for myself), and my daughter and I put it on a pizza we made together tonight as well. I’ve developed a musk of bacon around me, and I’d probably start consuming it as a snack if the oil didn’t get all over my hands. Despite this increased meat consumption, we’re not even half way through the pack! Verdict: Very good.

The image of Ron Swanson isn’t a mistake. I just got to the really good part of Parks and Recreation, and I’ve watched an entire season in the past few days. The first time I tried to watch the show, the first season wasn’t really different enough from The Office to justify it’s existence. I tried the first few episodes of the second season when I gave up on The Office a long time ago, but I was too swamped with other shows to keep with it when it was put on hiatus. Somewhere in the second season the formula greatly improved, and now in the third season the episodes don’t seem to miss.

I think the departure of super bland Mark was the point where the show really started to work for me. The only major problem I have with the writing is that Aubrey Plaza‘s character isn’t actually a character but an example of why the Bechdel Test exists.  She’s always defined by her relationships. She’s adorable, but seriously? Every episode she has to smile coyly? There are other women that are far better characters, with ambitions and dreams beyond men. Aziz Ansari is hilarious, cute, and non-threatening instead of being insufferable in the later seasons I’ve watched. I’m totally spoiler free for the rest of the episodes too, so I’m looking forward to catching up on this show.

Bacon and comedy. It’s not a bad combination. I recommend both.