Every once in a while I am struck by the eclectic and interesting students I am lucky enough to teach. Today I had five groups of students all working and teaching English to each other independently while I graded their presentations, and every part of the class there was something unique and interesting going on.

One group of female students were dancing to the chorus of a K-pop song. They wanted to get the timing of the song down, and were discussing how to move properly. They weren’t playing the song itself, just singing to themselves to keep from being too embarrassed doing a suggestive dance in class:

[youtube_sc url=”Ywrd5gdqYLM”]

The group next to them had a guy with a black belt in Taekwondo was teaching two other students in the class how to use nunchuks by spinning them around. I’ve never had weapons other than wooden swords (Kumdo) and plastic guns (for military “target” practice positions) being used in class, so seeing them swinging around hard metal handles on chains like Michelangelo was pretty cool. I had no idea how noisy swinging those things could be.

Another group had ocarinas to learn how to play a Korean song about a frog, while the group next to them was learning how to either beat box or play power cords on an electric guitar. I forget which.

[youtube_sc url=”Cn4tfLjBpIY”]

The last group was playing billiards, teaching about the different trick shots and how to place a ball at the proper part of the table after sinking a ball to set up your next shot. They had a miniature table, full sized and miniature cues, and were taking their pool on a tiny table very competitively.

Every group was doing something really cool that I can’t do, and all I needed to do was watch and take notes about how they are attempting this entirely in a foreign language for even more difficulty. It’s not just that particular class either. All of my students have really interesting projects, and they are presenting them very well. It’s really fun to watch them work and see how they approach their problems, and especially how they overcome their language shortfalls with creative expressions and materials.