My friend that has been building decks after I introduced him to the format. He’s actually started ordering cards for his decks to customize them and make them pack more of a punch. His new cards made some of his fairly casual one on one EDH Duel decks much better. He still has lots of potential improvements he could make to all of his cards, as there are always cards that are just “better”, but for the level of competition he faces at the local store, he’s now reached a state of relative parity. We set a plan to meet today for a few games, since we don’t have plans to go anywhere fun for the holidays like the other foreigners do.

I had picked up a few spare cards from other players in trades, which shook up the decks I’ve been making. There are also a few cards I’d like to purchase myself that I don’t have access to either, for budgetary or logistical reasons, but snapping up a few new cards that look like fun and trying to make them work is why I like a casual format.

I wanted to test these new cards out so that when I get together with a few other players I can see how well they work. It helps me think about potential synergies I might have missed while initially constructing the deck. The current decks I run are more geared to strictly play in multi-player card variants, so when I play against someone in an one on one duel environment the card choices can be different. The better decks are flexible, where it doesn’t matter how many people you need to crush. I’ve been trying to really focus on interacting with everyone to make the best possible use of cards I get in my hand.

We split the afternoon in games, with my worst deck losing fairly harshly, and my newest deck winning decisively. I’ve built something new with quite a bit of resiliency without much of a cash investment. I’ve gotten better at my deck construction since last year, and I have a lot of cards that I can use in different decks now that have found a “home” in decks I enjoy playing regularly. I know the archetypes I enjoy playing, even when they don’t win, but to build something new and have it win right away? That’s pretty new.