I’ve been trying to purchase a copy of Portal 2 on sale for the past few months. For whatever reason, I just miss when it goes on sale, or have an issue completing the transaction, but today I finally was able to buy it on steep (75%) discount and played it for a few hours. I remember the original Portal being fun, but frustrating at parts, but something I saw through to completion eventually.

So far this game is in all ways a superior game. It has better puzzles, hilarious writing, and very good pacing. It’s easily the funniest game I’ve played in ages. The sidekick hasn’t failed to make me laugh once whenever he pops up either. I like that it expands on the story from the first game while slowly teaching you “the ropes” of what you learned, then introduces a few new concepts to toy around with that change the game play that much more.

I’m familiar with the puzzles presented in the original game, so I didn’t have too much difficulty with the beginning of the game, but each new wrinkle makes me pause to think as I work on different solutions. I haven’t had to use spoilers (yet) for any of the puzzles, and the nasty motion sickness I got from the first Portal when I was bouncing around hasn’t been as pronounced this time (so far).

Several people in the office also have copies of Portal 2, and they’ve talked about setting up a chance to play the multi-player co-op together rather than with strangers who are too rude. Now that I have the game, once I finish it I’ll be willing to give that a try as well. It’s also not a game that takes forever to finish, so once I complete it I’ll be able to get back to work without it waiting to steal all my free time. I do like it a lot, and I’m glad I got it at a very affordable price.