My daughter Glow and I had a much better second night sharing a room, with her resigned to the fact that dad will be spending time with her while mom is busy with her newborn brother, Arrow. We read several books together, and eventually she accepted that five long books was my absolutely limit to story time, and that her choices could carry over to tomorrow since this situation wasn’t any nearer to being completed. She went to sleep relatively easily, (for her), and I got several hours of sleep which were badly needed.

This relative calm was disrupted this morning. It seems while my wife was changing his diaper, the little remaining placenta connected to Arrow’s belly button fell off early. Eeww. It was going to happen eventually, but the sight of a bloody baby belly is enough to freak anyone out. We didn’t know what to do, since the last time that happened within the provision of a doctor’s care, so we didn’t need to worry about it. It was decided this was worthy a trip to the hospital, so my wife called her mom to come over and help out before the hospital opened. Since we don’t own a car, my mother in law has been very kind and has offered to do a lot of the driving to the hospital and food preparation we haven’t been able to do while my wife is housebound with our son. My mother in law came over, and took them all to the hospital while I got left behind.

This was because I had asked for some time to study earlier in the week, but that wasn’t going to happen with the entire house empty. I got down to cleaning the floors. Our aunt then came over to the house unexpectedly. She was hoping to sneak some time in with the baby before she got busy later in the afternoon. She and I got some work done around the house before everyone returned home, and then she got to spend some time holding the baby as a reward.

The results from the trip to the hospital? Wait till the more comprehensive checkup on Monday, and keep everything clean.Well, duh. We have resolved to move to the hospital where our children have been delivered instead of the place we’ve been going for our daughter’s care for the past few years. My wife has been impressed because of better diagnosis and organization of the waiting room (you can pay to skip the line too if it is an actual emergency). It turns out that my daughter has a more serious ear infection problem that wasn’t being properly handled at our current provider. We’re weighing the need for ear tubes, but this hadn’t been discussed as a possible solution at our former provider. Being better informed is a huge benefit to parents. Had we known she was going to have persistent ear infections that cause her to be so cranky, we might have gotten them earlier.

The increased help we’re finding this time around is a new thing. We had the helper for the first few weeks from the government with our first child, but no one came over the first few weeks otherwise. No one was available to help us from our family during the first pregnancy. We were on our own, and we were learning everything on the fly as new parents. We didn’t have any friends who were parents, we were living in a new apartment block, and I was starting a new job and was very nervous and stressed out.

It’s been a lot easier getting help this time, but it’s also so much more work with two children. It’s good that people are volunteering to help us out. Now we have friends and family dropping by, or asking to babysit Glow for us. It’s a difficult time to have an infant with no car, so being able to ask for rides is a huge help too. Aunty and Mother in Law helped out for a few more hours with the baby and cooking. They made an enormous pot of seaweed soup that’ll feed my wife for days, and I got a few units of my new module for my paper read. It’s very nice to see improved family support with the delivery of this baby. Our YWCA helper starts next week, so we’ll be better capable of handling some of the child care stuff we need to get done while they are around too.

We ended up getting our old crib back from the people who borrowed it from us, and after I repaired some missing casters by replacing them with tennis balls, Arrow has a new place to sleep that will hold him for a few months until he’s mobile. We also got a breast milk pump for free, which was an unexpected surprise. Unfortunately, one of our doorknobs broke, so we had to pay a repairman to fix it.

It’s been a chaotic first week with the new baby at home, but so far so good. It’s not nearly as scary the second time around.