There has been a new “concept” class being floated by the organizers of this school that was clearly picked up from some blog, forum, or over enthusiastic parent. The students tomorrow are supposed to arrive with towels, pajamas, and food for a “Pajama Potluck Party”. The students will study in the morning, then change clothes and hang out in pajamas for a few hours with their teachers. As a teacher, the idea makes me icky.

The premise of this theme activity is that the students are staying “overnight” at the school (but not really), and will be “sleeping” (but not really) at a jimjilbang (sauna) (also, not really). It’s rather cute that they are acting like sitting in mats on the floor in the classroom is relaxing, because Monday we didn’t even have heat in the rooms for half the day. Freeze in those pajamas kids!

We’re supposed to come up with activities for a sleepover. Students will have the chance to get face painting, play games, listen to stories, and whatever else we need to do to keep our students entertained for two whole hours (no movies allowed!). One of my coworkers was stumped for activities and tried to come up with the worst possible idea instead. I’m pretty sure “spin the bottle” and “seven minutes in heaven” aren’t what they were thinking of when they decided on a pajama themed child class. He decided to read, then make, “Green Eggs and Ham” with his students.

I’m going to play bingo and try to put together a very plausible denial of culpability for this theme class idea.