Growing up in a household with dozens of firearms as a kid,  I was shooting real pistols, rifles, and bb guns when I was elementary or middle school age, but we never had “toy” guns we played with much.  All I ever did was try to shoot targets occasionally, but it was loud. My grandfather did make some clothesline rubber band guns as gifts when we were kids, which I remember, but once my parents started having us practice shooting real guns, the toys got put away for good. We were drilled endlessly about gun safety, and my father would spend his Sundays cleaning guns and watching television. His hobbies are a lot different than mine.

Anyway, sometime in college (?) I got a really cool rubber band gun, which eventually made it over to Korea in a suitcase. It’s been sitting on a shelf in my office forever, but my daughter grabbed it a few days ago and it’s been “around” the house. This afternoon we got a few rubber bands together and I showed her how to pull the trigger and shoot some balloons I had used static electricity to stick to the ceiling. She had fun shooting the targets then trying to find the bands, but we didn’t have enough to keep things moving quickly enough for Glow’s short attention span. The stationary store was closed, so we couldn’t reload and keep knocking the balloons around.

Later, as I was watching the last episode of Fringe (ever!) and Glow bust in the room with the gun, welding the rubber band gun  like a Terminator sent from the future. She doesn’t know how to load it herself, but she violated the “never point at people” rule we established when we first started playing with the toy, so I guess it’s a little too young for her to start shooting rubber bands around the house.