I’ve been listening to Stop Podcasting Yourself for 5 (!) years now, and I’ve managed to get a few “overheard” things I’ve submitted successfully onto their show. I don’t submit things frequently (once a year, if that?), but it’s always a nice surprise to hear yourself name checked on a comedy podcast and listen to the resulting banter and tangents spawned by whatever things you share. When someone from the show interacts with you, it’s a cheap way for them to turn a listener into a fan, which is how they help support themselves. It also provides them content for the show, which is why they’ve been going strong for the past five years.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me has a two types of submission for their advice show. You can either ask for actual anonymous advice from the hosts of the show, or find some questions on the Yahoo Answers service that is weird enough to generate conversation. Either way, they riff off of questions and make a half-hearted attempted at helping people.

Trolling Yahoo for weird is a “raw dose of Internet” kind of activity that will make you lose all hope in mankind. 99% of the questions are students trying to get out of homework, young teens who missed sex ed class, or people trolling about some kind of topic. There is an occasional confessional question where the person submitting reveals far too much about their own world than is safe for normal people. Weird people asking for help with the completely strange. It’s better when they are unaware they’ve asked something utterly bizarre.

This is the “gold” from Yahoo which can be exploited for comedy, like cuil theory. You need a question submitted that is so far from actual reality that simply trying to understand what they are asking gives you a glimpse into their mind, and it warps your world forever. I made my first successful submission to Mbmbam this week. I sent the email quickly on my lunch break on Monday, and when it was read out on the show the following day I threw up my hands in victory.

I can’t say that I’ve found anything as good to submit since I’ve checked back in because of my success, but it’s always fun to be able to contribute to something and feel included.