The amount of stuff you can manage with a wife recovering from delivery and a newborn son is somewhat limited. I managed to finish the single player levels in Portal 2 while the house was quiet. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, especially the change in the dynamic of the protagonist/antagonist throughout the course of the game. I’m glad I took a break from it, because I burned out somewhere around the “Cave Johnson” levels with the different goo. Once the Wheatley section started back up it was far better.

Now that Portal 2 is finished, I have a few games I’ve been sitting on for a while I could pick up as a distraction. I already finished the Batman: Arkham series that I own. There are a few games I might revisit now that I have a better PC, but I don’t want to get too involved in something overly complex like the Civilization series. Minecraft is also a time sink, and I keep getting killed by Skeletons. Ugh!

The only I time I have for games are when the children are being watched and I’m not working. The games need to be less stressful than all the studying I’ve been doing. It’s not that there is an immediate deadline for me, but once the semester starts I want to be working on my paper instead of reading if possible. I want to remember to take advantage of the time while Glow is at daycare and Arrow is sleeping.

Anyway, I did manage to get out of the house to purchase a book I needed, and do some more grocery shopping, but otherwise I was at home helping out with the boy, reading, or surfing the web out of boredom.