I went to a friend’s house to play some Horde EDH with him. Horde is an experimental user created format that has two players with cooperative EDH decks fighting against a horde of tokens. The tokens I have in abundance are “Golems”, which work well thematically and mechanically with “Splicers”, another series of cards I have tons of laying around to have a deck based off of the”Bioshock” computer game.

We were trying to tweak the Horde deck so that it would provide some of our better constructed decks a challenge so we could “goldfish”, or play a solitaire style game against a competitive opponent. The typical horde deck throws out zombies, which are easy to kill, and the base line for Golems are a little tougher. I thought I had put together a competitive deck, but our combined decks working together to fill each other’s gaps  just crushed the Horde. There were some luck in some of the opening draws, but even after a few games it wasn’t even close. Once I was able to get some board presence and attack alongside, the game was basically over.

After that, I got to play with some of my newest cards that I opened in the Gatecrash prerelease from last week. The cards I played from the most recent set were absolutely crushing my opponent. Basically, once I played the new cards I had for my deck, I didn’t lose a single game. It took me from behind in several games to way out in front. I was lucky enough to open the absolute best cards I needed for my deck by chance during the pre-release, and when I played those cards today, I won handily. My buddy did throw down some significant upgrades to his deck, but my strategies and deck construction skills put me in a more flexible position every time. The decks I’ve now made and upgraded significantly can hold their own against both multiple opponents and in a 1 on 1 game, which I used to struggle with.

I know how to “fix” the Horde, and add a few of the cards I was missing. There are also some upgrades I can add to the deck to make it more resilient to the strategies we were using. There were plenty of new ideas I got from playing out the first generation of the deck, and with a few changes I’m sure we’ll have a harder time defeating it. It was a lot of fun, and we did get several games in this afternoon. I was lucky to be able to squeeze the games in, as I’m going to have a busy week.