I got bit by my tendency to use disposable emails when signing up for new services online that are likely to flood my inbox with a multitude of emails. When I went about my day using Twitter like usual for the past few weeks, posting snarky comments and retweeting people like I normally do, I was probably a victim of hacking, or put under the suspicion of having my account hacked. I didn’t notice any change, but it’s happened like that before. Twitter had a massive password breech and I got notified that my account might have been vulnerable and my password needed to be reset.

The only problem? Since I signed up for Twitter only a few months after it started (I was a serious early adopter of the platform), and the email I used is now defunct. Not only that, but the email had also previously been hacked, password changed, and used for phishing my relatives. GREAT. That’s what I get for failing to keep accurate contact information.

Despite sending a help ticket to the Twitter service, since they are unable to verify phone numbers with my service provider in Korea, and I can’t recover the email to prove my account is legit. Them requiring me to log out of my account to change my password via email has locked me out of the service on all other devices other than my phone which I am using a dedicated app to post.


Rather than give in, I’ve set up a semi-permanent “spam” account for new things I’ll sign up with in the future, set up an extra strength password, and migrated my account to @geekinkorea.  I’ll start using my new account on my phone, which will end my last way of getting to my old account. The phone is where 99% of my Twitter interaction happens anyway, so once that’s switched over, I won’t notice much change. I’m already following most of the people that I enjoyed reading anyway. I’m just down approximately 450 spam accounts that used to follow me (I averaged 5 new users to my stream for a while. Bye bye!). I’ll get back to normal posting stuff once I make sure all the relevant information from the previous account has been extracted from my phone.