My parents were over to hang out for the day. The plan was going to be to go to the Winter Festival that I went to earlier with Glow, but she said she didn’t want to go anywhere today. Being trapped by the whims of a four and a half year old sucks, so my dad and I watched a movie together while my mom entertained her. Glow made puzzles and played with different toys for the length of the movie. She’s been having behavioral problems adjusting to being around my parents at home and stressed from all the English.

While Glow and I have been sleeping pretty well these days, my wife hasn’t been able to get Arrow to sleep through the night. As such, my wife took a long nap when Arrow finally did sleep in the afternoon. She went  was sleeping very deeply, so I ushered my parents and daughter out of the house (she had forgot about her earlier decree), and we went for a brief walk in a park and went for Italian in a nearby neighborhood at a nice place I like.

On the way home, my mother made the mistake of needing to stop at a restroom, and stopped at a Baskin Robbins. That meant Glow was asking for ice cream and cakes. I talked her town to a pint of ice cream and a single flavor of her choice. Glow was only slightly annoyed by the end of the night, and she didn’t get into her fully crappy tantrum until after we got home, which is an improvement over the past few days where she’s been a complete terror.

Tomorrow is the last day before the lunar holiday, so I’ll need to get shopping finished early as well as entertain both my parents and my daughter.