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If you’ve been curious about EDH, but have never been able to join a game to play it yourself , here are a series of game play videos produced by The Other 99 Youtube Channel. These guys are playing pretty good, but not totally obscene decks.  These game play videos are pretty tightly edited, so while it appears you only need about 15 minutes worth of play to finish a game, you can expect actual game play to last at least an hour.

Comparing the decks on the video to what I see around the city being played most often, I recognized a lot of these cards. Most of the decks are about the power level, or a little lower, compared to what I’ve seen in the card shop in Daejeon when I was still playing EDH regularly. Unless some of the “serious business” competitive players break out their worst decks to ruin everyone’s fun, you’ll probably have a similar experience with ups and downs, and a final decisive blow determining the game.

It’s clear that there is a lot of board wiping, token generating, and a lot of card drawing in the games these people play. The “Skullclamp everything!” low curve, sacrificial nature of a lot of the player’s decks surprised me. I haven’t gotten to watch their individual breakdowns for their decks, but it might be useful for people looking to build their first giant deck with no experience in the format.