My daughter watches some fairly mind-numbing children’s programming. The educational programming is inoffensive and always cute, but does nothing to spark an imagination. Glow’s too young to watch anything really interesting, so usually when she’s in charge it’s endless replays of the same few movies she’s watched before. While I can appreciate the humor of a Pixar film, watching them a few times every week really wears me down. I went looking for a show we could watch together that I hadn’t seen that is entertaining enough that I don’t mind seeing, and was about the right age for her to find interesting, even if she didn’t understand it.

I discovered Adventure Time sometime last year, and the first time I watched the show failed to “stick”. However, I think there were simply a few things that I didn’t get, like “The Lumpy Space Princess” being intentionally annoying. Why would anyone watch this? However, I changed my mind after a few episodes showed how light-hearted it could be. I enjoyed it because it was throwing an unexpected twist on a D&D inspired trope, yet wasn’t so scary my daughter wouldn’t watch it. I thought it’d be a good match for my sense of humor.

Glow now requests we watch “Jake and Finn”, which are the names of the two main characters. Whenever there is a scary monster on the screen, I make sure she isn’t scared, but she hasn’t been so far. When the Korean speaking rainbow unicorn (Yeah, it’s that kind of show) showed up on an episode she watched for the first time, she was confused as to why it was speaking Korean, just like I was. I don’t think she really understands much yet, but the animation is bright and simple, so I don’t really mind her watching if she does learn a little English.

The show is extremely weird, occasionally pointless, but entertaining enough that I’d sit down and watch a few episodes without feeling annoyed. That’s about the best I can expect, so I’m happy I gave the show a second chance.