The last few days of my vacation are finally approaching, which means we need to get the few things done that can happen while I’m not working like crazy. One of those things is going for long walks and playing with my daughter at one of the playgrounds in our neighborhood. Got to have some priorities. My daughter and I got dressed to go, and we headed off with a kick-board in tow. I hate dragging the thing around, because of the time I’m carrying in more than she is pushing it, but she likes to use it for a few minutes each walk, so it comes with us fairly often but isn’t actually used that much.

I needed to eat, so I took her to a coffee shop before we headed to the playground. It was a nice little break and we got to eat some nice food too. The nearby playgrounds vary in quality. Half of them in this neighborhood still have sand or dirt, which is supposed to be going away (by law) to be replaced by vulcanized, softened asphalt and soft plastic equipment. Since our playground is sandy, we have to find other places to go. This means we have to walk quite a bit before we get to one of the safer, cleaner playgrounds in another apartment complex.

Once we got to the apartment complex with some nice, tall slides, and some soft plastic equipment. We had some fun playing, and we had the entire playground to ourselves. She got to run around for a while and burn off some energy, and since her brother wasn’t there she didn’t complain. I got to play, go for a walk, and spend some time with my daughter. By the time I was tired of running around, she was feeling cold, so we walked back home. No crying. No pouting. No whining. That’s a huge improvement on some of our previous outings.