I had a few hundred records to update because of my new schedule being in full effect now. I had to make sure that my attendance was correct, and I also needed to add grades for the first week of class. I also needed to lots of miscellaneous work my Master’s program, which requires access to the University IP address to access articles. I had to go to work, even though it was a very nice weekend with sunny skies. My daughter has been going to preschool, and I’ve been working pretty much all day, so I offered to take her to the office with me to spend time with her, and to let my wife rest with our son.

I’ve been willing to take her to the office on weekends before, but not when I need to get a lot done. Now that I have a Nexus 7 tablet, I can put some entertainment onto the device for her, and she can color or watch a video silently without bothering anyone else that might be in the room. I made sure to bring snacks, bought her the juice and candy she wanted, and sat her down next to me in the room. No one else was working this weekend, so we had the room to ourselves uninterrupted for several hours.

I was able to get my work done, and she was able to watch a few movies while she colored. She was really well behaved, so it wasn’t a huge inconvenience to bring her along. We walked through the neighborhood abutting the university on the way home, and she got lots of attention from the students in the area.

This might be something I’ll have to do with increasing frequency, as there not enough hours in the day, and my responsibilities do not seem to be decreasing (ever). I’m making steps to get a few things done week by week, but it’s hardly an hour after I clear my work load that something else gets added to the pile. Paperwork at the university at the beginning of the semester took a few more hours than I would have liked, and that will get more annoying as the semester goes on if I don’t keep up with it. Going to work on the weekend and planning my classes is the best hope I have to keep things manageable, and if that means keeping a child in tow, I guess that’s my plan going forward.