I don’t like to play favorites, but I’ve got a pretty good class of adult institute students at the moment.This time around, my students seem genuinely interested in the materials and ask lots of questions.

For example, the collocations for the lesson I was teaching today had “have” and “take”. One of the students asked, “Excuse me, but can I say, ‘take a shit’? Is that a common collocation? Can I say, ‘Have a shit?'”

Writing and correcting the difference between “take a shit”, “give a shit”, “have diarrhea”, “have the runs” ,”have to shit”, was funny enough that I could barely keep my composure in class.

I told the students, “There are nicer ways to say all of this. You know you don’t have to swear to explain this problem, right?”

The students were quite adamant that “when you ‘need to take a shit’, you need to know how to say it correctly.”

No arguments here. Hilarious.