Continuing the theme of Post Apocalyptic scenarios that I’ve read or seen are:

Natural Environment in Revolt

The Day After Tommorow, Waterworld, Them!, Night of the Lepus or any other movie based on the premise nature getting revenge. It could also be from a movie that features “Giant Creatures” attacking mankind after any sort of intrusion into their territory, domain, lair, domicile, and or living environment.

Why is it disturbing: It’s nature out of control! Any animal made gigantic and rampaging through a city is supposed to be scary. Also, duh, weather! Oh no!

Would I like to live in this one? I tend to take a detached look at these movies. A lot of this genre is anti-progress, anti-science, and overly alarmist. I don’t find this sort of horror compelling most of the time. As long as the military is still around to take on the rampaging beasts, it wouldn’t be too bad to avoid monster attacks. Just avoid hot spots like Tokyo and New York

Space Aliens

War of the Worlds, V, Kang and Kodos enslaving the human race, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Space Children, Aliens, X-Files, This Island Earth

Why is it disturbing: Things truly alien to us are always scary.

Would I like to live in this one? I’ll explain my answer by explaining the life cycle of an “Alien” from the movie series. An egg is excreted from a queen alien. The vaginal like egg, upon disturbance, peels back and a face hugger is released. The face hugger latches onto it’s prey, who was captured by adult aliens alive, but was then encased in the lair of the queen waiting for a slow painful deal. The face hugger inpregnates the victim by wrapping it’s tail around the creature’s throat and implanting an alien fetus inside the prey’s chest. The fetus eats the inside of the prey, using it’s internal body temperature to grow, taking on it’s DNA. It then burrows it’s way out of the soon to be dead husk, usually by the chest. This new alien quickly begins attacking and capturing victims to be impregnated by more face huggers. It also protects the queen from attack. As an adult alien it is fearless, has acid blood, is cunning and very agile.

So, would I like to live in a world with face hugger aliens? (Shudder) No. Shoot me out the airlock first, I’d rather not have to deal with that idea at all.

Wars with, for, or involving Machines

Whether it’s Terminators, and The Matrix, or Mad Max, and Cylons, machines are going to be at the center of the new world that arises.

Why is it disturbing? The things we create can turn on us.

Would I like to live in this one? I’m computer friendly, but machine incompetent. I’d be the guy who’s car wouldn’t start and would be pillaged and looted by roving bands of fuel pirates in no time.

End of Time

Heat death of the universe, dying stars, and entropy the end of the universe as we know it.

Why is it disturbing: Everything, literally EVERYTHING, is gone.

Would I live to live in this one? By definition, you can’t. This is post-everything.

My Choice

I guess if I had to take my choice of post-apocalyptic world, the “Natural Environment in Revolt” choice seems like the most probable to survive. I’m doing it already. Seeing as climate change is one of the key issues of my generation, there is a possibility that the prospect of living in a world radically altered by weather and forces of nature seems to be something I’m going to have to deal with anyway. Why add any more of a challenge than I already face.

Still, a zombie plague from time to time would make for some interesting stories.