My Korean in-laws threw a birthday party for the matriarch of the family. We got invited along and brought the kids to a restaurant nearby the local reservoir (Daecheon dam). The food was outstanding. It was the first time I had Japanese style deep-fried ginseng and pumpkin with honey. We ate a full course of fish, rice, and side dishes, and then celebrated by singing “Happy Birthday” in Korean.

My brother-in-law picked us up, and took us to the restaurant, and after the meal he decided to continue on and spend some time with his niece at the dam itself. I haven’t been to Daecheon Dam in ages. When I went there it was for a school trip, or maybe when I knew someone with a car, which was nearly a decade ago.

The area near the dam has been very well developed. There is a separate (enforced with barriers) bicycle lane along the river to the dam the entire way, with lots of people. I think it would be a fairly long ride to try with the kids, but some day when they are older, or have a card, we might give it a shot. We spotted a place on the river with paddle boats as well, and were already making plans to check that out some weekend since that was more accessible for us.

The dam had a “rest stop” area with a convenience store and some water shooting fountains for Glow to enjoy. Her uncle took her around while I bought snacks to beat the heat. We also walked up the mountain to look down from the dam proper, which wasn’t a big deal, especially after he mentioned Niagara Falls in conversation. No sir, doesn’t compare.

We took a stroll around the “Water Museum”, which has a humiliating “How much water do you weigh?” exhibit. Ugh. My daughter thought I got the “high score”. Ha ha. (sulk)

We eventually set back for home and had a nice country drive through the mountains. It was almost nice enough for me to consider owning a car in Korea some day.