Activities that my daughter and I both enjoy are few and far between. I usually want to sleep when she turns on the television, so we’ve come to a compromise and watch Adventure Time together. We have a few other activities we do, like walk in the park, or make pizzas, but it’s rare that she will ask to play any games with me.

These days I don’t have much time for video games, but my daughter requested the “Squid without a face, square, monster shooting game”, which is what she calls Minecraft. We’ve played Minecraft together a few times. Most of it was just me running around harassing sheep as per her request.

The last time we played, I made a “creative” world, where there is no player damage and you have unlimited items. That way she could run around trying to do whatever she wanted with pink wool blocks and she didn’t need to worry about the “survival” aspects of the game. She isn’t capable enough to control both the character with the keyboard and the mouse, so I usually let her click the mouse and I try to put her upon a path with lots of targets for her bow or sword. We made an obsidian portal, and went to the “hell” dimension simply because it was stocked with enemies. She saw a giant weird monster flying around, killed some pigmen zombies, and had a good time. She never got “hurt”, and I was supervising her activity. She was never frightened while I was supervising everything.

Or so I thought.

It seems that she had a few scary dreams related to Minecraft. I guess my wife dealt with this, because I hadn’t heard about it until today where she asked me to play again. She wanted to fire up the computer to kill more monsters. That I can support. We got back through the portal back to the regular dimension, and we went around a few tunnels until we stumbled upon zombies, skeletons, and some Endermen. She enjoyed running around underground, putting up torches to fight back the darkness, and jumping into waterfalls. Killing monsters, and exploring dungeons. Good, wholesome fun.

My wife is concerned that this game is “too dark” for her, and that she’d like me to play something less scary for a five year old. I think the “edge” of Minecraft isn’t too scary for a little kid as long as I am watching the entire time. It’s not like I installed the Weeping Angels or something.

Anyway, I need to find a few games my daughter enjoys that don’t bore me to tears.