My wife was out of the house taking our daughter to a friend’s house after her kindergarten class when the screaming outside started. For once, it wasn’t one of my children screaming their head off, but an adult. It wasn’t a relief to hear someone losing their mind outside the apartment, but I just thought it was an overprotective parent worried when their kid fell done or something.

Then I heard a crunch, then another alarmed person screaming, then another bit of crunching, some more worried shouting, then a car engine idling. The thought of someone being hit by a car, specifically a child playing in the parking lot, was very worrisome. The level of panic in this woman’s voice, and the concern of the other people that were arriving on the scene was approaching this level of tragedy. What the hell was going on? It was at least worth getting off the couch to check out.

No sooner had I gotten to the window than I saw a car slowly approach the tree in front of my house. There was a traffic cone that got run over and crushed between the tree and the bumper of the car. A woman was standing on one side when it finally stopped. It was clearly her car. A man who happened to be on the sidewalk nearby, keeping some children from getting between the car and the tree had been the other person concerned. The car stopped moving when it hit the tree, and the woman ran over to the passenger side of the car and removed a small boy, no more than three years old, and started to hug him tightly.

As near as I can tell, the woman put her car into neutral, (with the engine on?!) and had gotten out, but the car had started rolling down the parking lot with the child in the passenger seat. The left front bumper had lost some paint, so I think it had bounced off a car before hitting the tree and street cone, all the while with the boy in the passenger seat and the mother running alongside, unable to get in to stop it. She was screaming in terror as the car went down the parking lot bouncing off things until it finally hit the tree, perhaps to get children that were playing on the playground nearby far from a potentially deadly situation. The weird thing is that there is no incline to the parking lot that would cause it to roll though, so I’m not sure how this happened. The child was clearly pulled from the passenger seat, so he wasn’t driving or pushing the pedals.

Anyway, no one was hurt (that I saw), and the car didn’t have any damage besides the paint missing on the bumper and front. There were no ambulances called for any injuries.. I’m sure it was captured on closed circuit television if they needed to review it for fault. The woman was very relieved the kid was okay, but I’m thinking she’s probably not the best person to get into a car with, moving, parking, or in any other situation. Anyone absent minded enough to allow this to happen probably shouldn’t have a license.