My daughter Glow has shown a budding interest in mathematics over the vacation. I don’t know if she’s been taught much in her kindergarten classes, but at home she’s counting everything in sight. She recognize any number under three without needing to count, but objects numbering over four require her concentration. This is normal cognitive development as I understand it.

There process or connecting numbers to amounts, and those amounts to symbols has taken a lot of time. I started to help her by getting out a d10 and 9 Magic cards. Glow needed to roll a die, then place the right number of cards down, 0-9. If she could do it three times in a row, we could go for ice cream.

Eventually she recognized numbers so she was successful, but she still needs to remember to count when it gets higher than three. I’m interested in watching her skills progress, as my math skills suck and my Korean math vocabulary is nonexistent. Watching her development just being home and helping her study little things has been amazing this break.