The only Magic I’ve gotten to play during the summer has been when I hung out with a friend at his apartment. I’ve gone to the card shop a few times, but most of the time when I sat down to “play”, I didn’t actually get an opportunity. Lots of Korean players at Duelmall will unabashedly spend thousands of dollars on their cards, so my decks are outclassed. Being casual about my free time, I  usually end up being unable to compete.

That would be okay, if the people I was playing with were fun to be around, but most people that take a casual game as “serious business” aren’t pleasant. There have been games where I could have gotten up and walked out of a game without affecting the outcome because the other players were so far up their own asses. I hate watching people stroke their own ego.

I got in touch with two friends who have a similar mindset as to my own, but they were unavailable. I rolled the dice and showed up at the store. Counting any game at the store where I actually get to play cards as a major victory, I got to play one (out of two) games today. Thankfully, there were some other “scrub casual” players like myself. I enjoy playing with new players, and will always loan out decks so new players can join. We were able to get two games, one a four player free for all, and another five player Star variant multiplayer game.

I got to test out a new deck I made this morning. I also changed one of my decks around significantly to make it better and more focused. I actually made a few of my decks significantly nastier because I was so tired of dealing with ultra-competitive players. Their competitive nature warps my game, even when I don’t play against them. Since “the scrubs” have much better sense of fair play, I actually one a game (despite an ally holding a spell that could have wrecked my day) because no one was being oppressive or locking someone out of the game. I still have fun playing EDH with the right players, but it is so rare that I get an opportunity. It sucks, because I’d like to do it more often.