I made a promise to my daughter that we’d see Monsters University while it was in the theater. This was before I knew it was scheduled around the Korean Thanksgiving day break, which is really inconvenient. The entire city shuts down. It’s really hard to get movie tickets because kids are out of school, and few alternative activities exist. Tickets are booked well in advance, so you need to show up to a theater or purchase online to get a spot.

I saw that there was one screening showing, today, in English, but had no idea if there were available seats. I took my daughter across town to Lotte Cinema, but arrived to see it was sold out. The people working at the ticket service line were totally incompetent and unable to help me. The Internet kiosks for purchasing tickets are so poorly done even the Korean patrons refuse to use them, which says something. Lotte only books tickets one day in advance, and not at all on the kiosk (that I could figure out) which seems hard to believe. They didn’t have tickets that worked for our schedule, which meant waiting a week for another chance at seeing the movie.

Seeing as my daughter was pretty heartbroken about having a chance to see a movie in the theater with her dad (her first), I was resolute in trying to find a solution to this problem. We headed out across town to “Megabox”, which is now in the Rodeotown outlet mall. I hadn’t been to that theater in a really, really long time. We booked a ticket a few days in advance, only to figure out there was a scheduling conflict and we needed to book the tickets for the middle of the day tomorrow. I’ll have to get my daughter out of school early, then ride across town in a taxi to make an appointment after the movie finishes, but it’ll totally be worth it.

Glow seemed to accept the compromise of not being able to see the movie right away, and saw that I was working really hard to get her into the movie the first chance we had. I would have enjoyed watching the movie in English with her, but now I’m going to need to sit through it in dubbed Korean, which is annoying. My daughter accidentally got my headphones tangled so I won’t even have anything to listen to as an alternative during the movie. A loud theater full of children, and a movie in Korean. All because I made a promise to see a movie with my daughter. The lengths I go to keep a promise.