My son’s birthday was technically today, although his party was celebrated early with family a few days ago. We already had the children pose with their hanbok in the restaurant. The kids already got gifts for the holidays last week. We’ve also celebrated our wedding anniversary just two weeks ago, so we’ve been celebrating important events for the past two weeks. We all had the day off to celebrate, which was nice.

We decided to go downtown. There is a bookstore in the Samsung Insurance building my wife will take our daughter on hot days. We weren’t certain it would be open on the holiday, but it was crammed full of people looking to stay warm in winter. While the kids looked at books, I went around looking for a shoe store that had anything in my size. One of the problems of having feet slightly (only 10 mm!) too large is that there is almost nothing in my size. Most shoe stores carry no stock of anything larger than an American “10” size, or 275mm. It really sucks to try to find something slightly larger. I’m so close!

My wife and I wanted to go downtown because we hadn’t seen the “Skyroad” lit up, and we thought that New Years would have a special program for the day:

My mother in law told us it was like Las Vegas, with the streets being lit up with different shows. However, the Daejeon Skyroad really disappointed. There were four advertisements on a loop that played, then a 30 second “show” which was visually pretty cool, then more of the same four advertisements. Even the “music video” they played featured product placement from the stores on the street. UGH. I saw more advertisements watching the Skyroad for twenty minutes than I watched on television all last year. It was ridiculous.

We did end up getting a cake to celebrate my son’s birthday from the best bakery in Daejeon -Sung Shin Dang- which made up for the disappointing light show. They’ve expanded to a second building just to sell boutique cakes. The cake-only store was totally crowded, but it was worth visiting. Sung Shin Dang seriously is where you want to get cake from in Daejeon. (FYI: They also sell the best sub sandwiches in the city in the bakery next door, the picnic sub if you  are curious, but that is the lowest of bars.)

My kids eventually fell asleep on the subway ride home, but it wasn’t long till they were back up and running around again.